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Hospital Prayer

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Lord, please help me. A week ago, I got very bad vertigo/diziness and a headache. I have been in the hospital now for 5 days. They are going to send me to a nursing home for rehab. I am still dizzy, and lean to the right when I walk. Please heal me soon, so I can go back home. In Jesus's name. Amen
Having spent over 9 months in a hospital in my younger days, and numerious time into my eldery years, I think I can understand why you need prayers. Will be glad to remember you to Abba!
I pray that God sets your mind at ease and takes away your physical ails. Hopefully they'll get to the bottom of it all quickly so you can make a speedy recovery.
Lord, thank you for helping me so far. Please heal me quickly. The Dr said if it is a bacterial ear infection, it takes 4-6 weeks to go away. Please Lord, I do not want to be in the nursing home for 4-6 weeks. Please heal me. Amen.
I don't know if you saw my post yesterday before the server went down but I will try to remember what I said.

Ok,I can't remember but it was awesome trust me.

I think I was reminding God how he had planned for your life to Glorify his name from before the foundation of the world.And how the Lamb was already slain from the foundation of the world so that your joy would be full and the Fathers name would be Glorified though his sons power working in your life and how you will become so full of the water of life that you will pour forth rivers of living water and nourish all those dried up lives around you.

I asked God for those things in faith that I have already received them so to ask God again would show doubt that I believe.
But I can thank you Father for hearing my prayer and answering my prayer so that my joy can be full in knowing that the Fathers name will be glorified through Jesus's power in sealightbreeze's life and anyone who comes near her will be effected by your power working in her.I thank you Father for drawing her to the water and for filling her from the tips of her toes to the tips of her thumbs(she has both hands high up in a thumbs up because it's all ok and her thumbs are the highest part because she is giving a thumbs up to God) with your fire.

And I also thank the Father that he accepts run on sentences and poor grammar without judging.

Study all you can while your there but hurry because your little vacation will end sooner than you think.
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Thank you. Lord, please heal me real quick. I pray that you heal me. Lord, I pray that your will, not mine be done. Please give me the strenght that I need. Amen
please continue to pray for me. They are going to send me to a nursing home for a while for rehab. Lord, please make the paperwork go through today or tomorrow. I am so tired of the hospital. at the nursing home, they would help me walk and everything. Lord, please heal me. Amen
Lord Jesus, guide her to find the secret health benefits of fruit, vegetables and milk to fight bad bacteria. Help her to experiment such as mixing milk, icecream and orange juice for powerful vitamin C and calcium for healthy bones and teeth, especially the eardrum that needs calcium strength.:*:.
We Christians in our global community wait patiently for the coming of our victorious Lord Jesus, hopefully very soon in the future, so that Satan can be defeated and sin can be deleted once Jesus has transformed our old earth-born selves to new glorious minds and bodies of Christ...
As we socialize together as brothers and sisters of Christ in God's most massive and most modern place of Community: the Kingdom of God on a new oceanless planet Earth where Christ's supernatural joy will be so over-joyous, our hearts will be so very positive and our faces so very always smiling.:*:.

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