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Hospital GMT monday if there's a bed free

Please pray for my wonderful Mummy

She is a superstar and has bravely endured 8 years of chemotherapy for treatment of ovarian cancer.

In the morning I am taking her to hospital for a change of stent if there are no major emergencies at the hospital. She had it replaced last week and it wasn't put in properly. It is important because it enables her kidney to function properly as a tumour is resting on the ureter (the tube between her kidney and bladder).

When she first had it put in (July) it was a major setback because she has been a trooper and now she was worried that the illness was starting to beat her. She coped and asked the doctors to do what needed to be done. The stent was to be removed in six months if the tumour reduced. This gave her hope and mum thrives on it, she says it feels like it isn't happening to her. When they first put it in last July, she then contracted MRSA from the procedure and was in dire pain, so much so she couldn't walk and was given high doses of morphine for several months. She still wailed like an animal when she had to empty her bladder but was determined to cope. She weaned herself off morphine and eventually it got better i believe through prayer. Praise God.

The change last week was upsetting because we hoped for removal but mum took it on the chin and got on with it but it was incorrect and that's why we're in again tomorrow. She fears going under and so do I (for her). I hate them wheeling her off to theatre because she looks brave but childlike and scared. Last week we thought she'd jumped the next hurdle and then is set to jump it again because the scan showed the stent not to be properly in place. There's so so much I want to pray for.....her strength, my strength, healing, safe and successful change of stent, tumour reductions, clean hospital practice, better future and the understanding of others. My prayers are scattered and emotional because she is my rock and I hers and we are near inseparable.

She is a really beautiful person and I find it hard to understand suffering at times but she is strong. I want her to not be stuck in the house because she is tired and want her to be able to get back to a reasonably normal life again. She has her first grandchild to enjoy and the MRSA has stopped her being able to hold her. It has made her sad where she would love to be happy. She has great friends who care for her but they want to see her more and they uplift her but she needs to get out. I love her sooooo much and our hearts are breaking.....Please Help.


well sis, as you know I have been praying for you and yoru mother and I will continue to do so. God can heal! He can do anything!!

I will pray for strength for you and yoru mother. You both are very dear to me. I encourage you to keep reading the word of God. and pray pray pray!!

Psalms 103:3 " he forgives all my sins and heals all my diseases"

Remeber sleepy, the everlasting God is your place of safety, and His arms will hold you forever!!

The Lord is great. Please keep me posted.

You are both in my prayers.

Love you and God Bless you

Jessica :love: