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hospital and Jesus

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since i seperated from my husband i could,nt bring my self to go back to my church.I just felt i,d let every one down.I could,nt go to another as i am a recovering alcoholic and could,nt take the wine so for several years i prayed for the Lord to bring a Christian in my path to help me and to find a church.As i have care of my grandson i spent many times talking to lady at the play school,in the same situation as me (bringing up her grandchildren).I have not seen her for 8 mths until last Thursday in the next bed at the hospital.I had a lovely nurse who came to me to talk of her concerns for her young baby which has a deformity.I could see her pain and told her to pray for her son.the lady in the next bed over heard me and asked if i was a Christian,i said "yes"she replyed "she was" and we talked more.Then she invited me to the church that she attends .Oh my joy and thankfulness for our Lord whom once again opened doors for me while in a hospital bed.Today i went to church and our Lord spoke in to my heart.I can sometimes feel alone but we are not,he hears our voice.Thank you Jesus how mighty you are..
Yes Jesus never leaves, neither forsakes any who come to him. I pray Jesus bring you through to complete health and restoration in Jesus

In His Love
may God help you and show you his face.I am sure jesus will be with you no matter what coz he will never leave those who are in him but you should always seek him.

bless you
God wants us to be one in his presence,he always open new doors,coz he owns us. And he loves us! God bless you....!

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