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Horseback riding!!!

I love horseback riding! I have liked horses ever since I was little, and I got my first horse when I was 14. I don't show or anything like that, I just ride for fun on trails and stuff. I currently have two horses.
I love to horse ride! It is the best hobbie in the the world to me. I think I have always loved horses too.
As much as I love horses though, I don't have any. First of all, My parents don't have the money, we have a big enough yard, it is not legal to have a horse in the city I live in, and my parents are not that fond of horses. Like I have said before, they love horses from far away. They think they are beautiful and all that, but they are afraid of the horse's strenghth and how some one can die if the horse falls on them and so on. My dad has now grown to accept that I love horses no matter what stories they tell me about people dieing from riding horses:shade: . My mom still seems to have trouble accepting that I don't care though. I told her that if God did not want me to like horses, He would not have made like this. Any ways, I love horses!
That's too bad you can't have a horse! Don't lose your love for them though. Some day it will be possible for you to have one, or at least ride!
Hi all,

I took lessons from when I was 9 through high school, I was blessed with a job training ponies in Ireland and it was so much fun! It was sad how they treated them sometimes though. I haven't ridden in years, but someday!

Daughter of Eve, just want to chime in with I'm His. He planted the love and will make a way. It is dangerous, but so is living! It does have consequences long term- I rode for 10 years and now my back little out, but yoga fixes it.

As far as life and death stuff, I would say it is as rare as other freak accidents. I took many a spill, but never broke anything. If you wear a helmet and are sensible, you should be fine.

Hope you get the opportuntiy to ride soon!
I'mHis said:
That's too bad you can't have a horse! Don't lose your love for them though. Some day it will be possible for you to have one, or at least ride!
Don't worry. I will never lose the love I have for horses.:icon_biggrin:
Me too

Let me first say I do love horses and riding them. On a strong healthty horse it feels like I'm on top of the world. I do not have horses of my own, but I have asked God bless me with tow of them soon, amen. Happy Riding!
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