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Horn Players using and EWI?

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Hi … are there any horn players using a Yamaha WX5 “EWI”?hese electronic wind instruments are fun to work with and was wondering what others may be using for “tone generators”?

I am using the Yamaha VL70M and am fairly satisfied with it.
Good morning Canada;

I appreciate your post is a bit long in the tooth, but I'll try anyway. Until today, I've never heard of a digital wind instrument. While Yamaha still makes the instrument, it no longer sells the VL70-m interface it recommended. How long have you been playing it? Can you emulate other instruments?

Like many others here, I've learned to play the radio, the TV, and a CD player. Seriously though, I have a trumpet with which I don't put near enough time on. I do have a DAW, Sonar X3, and a Yamaha digital piano. However, playing the piano is much like the trumpet and my fingers no longer reach the keys like they once did.
No, I haven't tried that. I find Yamaha French horns to be total junk anyway. I play a custom-built King Erocia-Fidelio, that it, two French horns cut down and reassembled into one.