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Greetings, Jesus people! hopper here. I’m a lifelong believer who’s been online in Christian forums for about 8 months. I’ve tried about 8 different sites, given up on 3, and currently active on 3 (now including this one, but mostly at C+F (relatively liberal and loosely moderated, with about 10 members online at any given time) & CF (relatively conservative and heavily moderated, with about 1,000 members online at any given time), for those in the know). I’m ‘hopper’ at all of them, and though none of us bear labels well, I might be termed an ultraconservative after a liberal fashion. I’m a Biblicist sometimes termed Calvinist of the Reformed tradition, and a proud resident of the great state of Georgia.

There’s quite a few of us wandering about who are a bit disaffected or disappointed by what we’ve encountered with our web family elsewhere, so we may pop in occasionally to test the waters. I was referred here by joyousliving, who is likewise giving you a peep. Forgive our nomadic curiosities.

I read this in the forum intro: “Introduce yourself here! Tell us a little about you and be greeted by others!”, so enough with introducing myself, here’s a little about you I found elsewhere:


You are the sunlight that brightens up my day
When clouds rule my spirit
And everything is gray.
You walk beside me;
Your vision lights the way.
You are the sunlight that brightens up my day.

You are the lighthouse that’s shining in my sky
When lost with no compass
And I’m about to cry.
You’re always present
Though I do not know why.
You are the lighthouse that’s shining in my sky.

You are the candle that’s glowing in my heart.
When darkness surrounds me,
You make it fall apart.
I am much stronger
From all that you impart.
You are the candle that’s glowing in my heart.

You are my hero who always will be there.
When loneliness threatens
You show me that you care.
I am much richer
From everything you share.
You are my hero who always will be there.
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Welcome to TJ Hopper

You are right, I don`t bear, nor have need of a label, except that I am Christ`s,
and He is mine.

Col 2:10 And ye are complete in him, which is the head of all principality and power:

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Dear Hopper,

Praise God for His leading you here! As a boy we had the opportunity to live right next door in South Carolina and many of my friends stationed were from Savannah, and everyone in my neighborhood rooted for the Braves! lol!

I hope to fellowship with you in Live Chat soon. Be a light to others, Hopper!

Your brother in Christ Jesus.
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hopper said:
Thanks for the welcome, O Canadian Coconut. I hope you're weathering winter well.

O Canadian Coconut LOL!

That sounds as odd as I am!

I stamped my feet all winter and it would`nt go away,
so guess you could say it weathered me :omg:
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Hi hopper, it is a pleasure to meet you. Well, a little about myself, based on a discussion I had with my husband 5 yrs. ago it was determined that I am a 5 point Calvinist ( what those 5 are I'd have to ask my husband again....), I love Luther's views so don't know if I am conservative or Liberal....but the one thing I only know is that I love my Lord and Saviour without Him there is just no purpose. I am not a traveller of Christian Forums, found this one and am staying here. Hope to see you in chat one day. God Bless.

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