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In Isaiah 49 we read a prophecy concerning Jesus Christ, our Lord and Messiah, our Savior. And yet, as his followers, we are his body, and he dwells within us in the person of the Holy Spirit. So, we are to carry on his ministry on this earth, to do the things he did, in his power within us. And, if we are doing that, we will experience much the same as what he did.

Jesus, as the Christ, is the anointed one of God, and yet we are also anointed of God as his ministers and priests. And, we are to share the excellencies of him who called us out of darkness into his wonderful light. We are to be Jesus’ hands and feet to the world about us, in carrying his love and his gospel message to them.

Even before the creation of the world God knew us and he set us apart to be his servants and witnesses, and to give him glory by how we live our lives. If we trust him with our lives, he will supply us with all we need to live godly and holy lives, pleasing to him. And, he will put his words in our mouths, and he will give us what to say when we testify of his grace.

But, ministry can be hard, at times. And, sometimes we may labor for a long while before we see fruit for our labor. We may even face much opposition, and it may seem that what God has called us to do is not making much of a difference in people’s lives, because we can’t physically see the results, or because it seems like the words God gives us to say are falling on deaf ears. And, so we may get disheartened.

And, then we need to remember that our lives are in God’s hands for him to do with what he wills, and the results we must leave to him. Our job is just to obey him in doing what he has called us to do. And, God will give the increase, all in his perfect timing. We just need to keep on in doing what he has called us to do, in his strength, and trust him with the results. Although right now we may be despised, rejected and forsaken, as was Jesus, one day we will be honored for what we did in service to our Lord, when our Lord returns. Until then, we must know that God values us, and he loves us.

Honored You’ll Be
An Original Work / March 31, 2018

Based off Isaiah 49:1-7

Before I was born,
The Lord called me.
From my own mother’s womb,
Spoke He my name.

In His loving hands,
My Lord hid me.
Like a sword that is sharp,
My mouth He made.

“My servant, you are,”
He said to me,
“From within you, I show
My majesty.”

But, I said that I
“In vain labored.
I have spent all my strength
For not a thing.”

Yet, it came to me,
“What is due me –
My reward that’s with God,
Is in His hands.”

The Lord now does say,
“I have formed you
For My servant to be,
At My command.

“I have pardoned you
For My purpose.
I delivered you from
All of your sin.

“I have called to you,
‘Be My witness.
Be My light to the world
To the earth’s end.’

“I have chosen you,
You are valued
In the eyes of the Lord.
Your strength I’ll be.”

The Lord said to me,
“I have loved you.
Though forsaken you are,
Honored you’ll be.”