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Homosexual Mormons

One could argue that because the Latter Day Saints Church is a cult, it doesn't matter. Personally, I find the situation sad as certain members are now publicly broadcasting about a part of themselves they were formally denied. I sense that Elizabeth Rosas feels betrayed although she will soldier on as is expected of a good wife. Ricardo Rosas is left with the ultimate decision of continuing on as he has, or acting on his natural instincts. If he does the latter, I guess it's adultery. Regardless, he is doing what he feels is best for himself. Can't fault him for that, but the issue becomes a bit sticky as I'm sure he has been around Scripture long enough to know some things are frowned upon by the Good Lord. While many things that are self-serving will be frowned upon, that type of relationship seems to be a sore point. I'm not condemning the man as someone else will decide his spiritual fate. Sad for anyone in his position and claiming to be a Christian.