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Home schooled?

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:girl: Is anybody home schooled? I am. I have been home schooled since 3rd grade and now I am in 6th grade. My mom is the one who teaches me. I use a Christian ciriculum called ABeka. Any else?:shade:
I'm Home Schooled, I started Nearly ten years ago. My Mum did most of the teaching, but recently I have been Enrolling in Uni Subjects and we hire a maths tutor. I remember using some Abeka material a few years ago and being rather impressed, i think it's not such a bad curriculum.
I also started piano lessons not long after i started homeschooling, I am not the most talented or diligent of students, but what God has enabled me to learn has been a real Blessing. My Favorite two pieces that i'm learning at the moments are "Willy wagglesticks walkabout" by B.Bonsor And "Prelude in C# Minor" by Rachmaninoff. Über Coolness.


Yeah! Go homeschoolers! I'm also homeschooled and use all Abeka for my studies. At present I'm doing both 11th and 12th grade curricula as I'd really like to finish up highschool this year so I can go to Bible school in the fall.

I'm not really stressing myself out about it especially since in the upper grades most of what I do seems to be mostly review of what I've already done.

I could honestly say my favorite subject is History of America (or something like that0 this year. How 'bout you?
I most enjoy developmental psychology (Freud was a creep), Biology and Australiana.

Hey eve(If i can call you that), what style of music do you like best?
It sounds like you guys are in higher grades, and I am only ing 6th so I did not understand half the big words or names you mentioned.
I know how you feel, When I was doing 6th grade I'd get confused by BLWs (Big long Words) all the time.
My husband homeschooled 4th-12th grades. :) I know some others who have or are homeschooling right now...like my nieces and nephews.
I am homeschooled but I go to an online charter school. Pretty much an online version of public school. But my mom doesnt teach me.

So, theres still the bias of the studies. I manage although, I just roll my eyes at some of the things they put in there.
hey. im home schooled too. i hate it. i hate seein people my age (im 12) having tons of friends. it just gets on my nerves when they talk about of much friends they have and rub it in.
Love ya in Christ,

Having friends is all well and good, but it isn't how MANY you have...it is if you have the RIGHT ones. The ones that will stick by no matter what happens. And you have a friend that sticks closer than any other. Jesus.

I know that you 'care' what other people say...but the only way you can take friends with you when you die is if they know God, too. That is they have a personal relationship with Him.

You have no idea what public school is really like...I am guessing. No clue how mean the kids can be...I know.

I think what you need to do is start to see your blessing of being home schooled differently. See how much work it is for your parents. And not to see how unfair it is that you don't have many friends.

Do you have a few really good friends? Thank God for them!

Some people don't even have that.

Remember whatever you say affects the atmosphere. Speak bad things and the negativity flies around. Speak good things and blessings into the air and positivity will fly around and change the negative into positive. Try it.
home schoold

im home schooled too....and i love it...although i dont have many friends it is better for me because i dont get involved in worldly things such as smoking or swearing (im 13 years old). plus you can do things at home u wouldnt be able to do at school

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