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Home in Heaven

This priest that has been serving God fo rmany years ends up going to heaven at the same time as a New York taxi cab driver. Jesus calls the taxi cab driver over and gives him a gorgeous robe, a golden staff, and points to a mansion "This will be your home in heaven!" He says.

By now the priest is thinking, 'well I'm a priest, and I've been rightesous my whole life. If a taxi cab driver from New York gets this much, I can only imagine what's in store for me.

Then Jesus calls the priest over and gives him a robe that's not nearly as nice, a rough wooden rod and points to a shack "This will be your homw in heaven" Well teh priest is pretty upset and shocked and asks why the taxi cab driver has gotten better treatment than him after he devoted his whole life to God and served Him through the church. Jesus says "Well, when you were saying your sermons, people were sleeping, but while this cab driver was driving, he had all kinds of people praying!"
Oh, that's great! I think I've heard something like this before, except I think it was a politician instead of a taxi driver and got said to the priest "We've got plenty of priests, but we've never gotten a politician before!"

That was funny, coming from experience.
Those cab drivers would have you speaking in tongues...lol