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Just courious of what some of your hobbies are. As for me, I enjoy football (play fantasy football, won 2 out of 4 leauges I was in this year! ). My true passion and hobbie is working with children!!! I coach youth sports and teach J.R. Church in our church 6 - 10 year olds. I'd love to hear what you all do in your spare time or your hobbies!
I play fantasy football as well.

I went undefeated in '05, and lost only a single game (by 1 point) this past season. I usually register a single team and play in the Yahoo public leagues (casual level, not pro).

I also like cooking, working at my Christian website, and reading. I have a great love of books and have been an avid reader my whole life. I inherited that from my mom. I read just about everything, but my favorite genres are science fiction, fantasy, and horror. I also collect and read comics. I enjoy the older comics from the 60s and 70s. Today's comics (by and large) have a very anti-Christian, anti-traditional values spin that I loathe.
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