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hi i'm Jacqueline, i'm from Hong Kong. i found this site when i was doing research on Christianity, I already am Christian btw. anyways, i'm 13 (i hope i'm not the youngest around here) I don't go to church, my parents are not serious Christians, so I hope to learn more from all of ya!
Welcome to Talk Jesus. I hope you find the site a good place to fellowship.

There are other teens, and they love the Lord too.

Love AlabasterBox :girl:

wow saved :love: Welcome to TalkJesus :love: Thank you sooo much for joining us :love: would love to hear your testimony some day :love: however did you meet God? :love: Bless you sweet Child :love:
The "youngest" around here? :)

Hi there and welcome to TALKJESUS.COM!! I'm so excited that you are only 13... you see I haven't shown my kids this website yet. And I thought they were too young! They are 12 and 14, a girl and a boy, both GOOD PEOPLE and GOOD CHRISITANS. :love: They are my stepchildren and I met them about two years ago, and I love them very, very much! :love: I will definitely be putting them on tonight, on talkjesus.com, when they visit! God bless you, and thank you very much for your being a ROLE MODEL to other teens!!! In Christ, CaliFlower :rose:
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