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Hiya new to the group..

:star: Hiya, I am a stay at home mom, love our heavenly father.. and worship and thank him everyday, for all that he has done for me.. I am a mother of 5, and I am 26 yrs old.. I have had alot of Gods miracles in my life, and I cherish each and everyone of them...
Been a christian most of my life, was raised in a good family.. But had my share of run ins with the Devil.. but nothing has changed me.. Once I was saved.. I took it to heart, the way its suppose to be.. I love life, even though its rough sometimes.. but I wouldnt have it any other way.. Life is lessons.. God Bless, Suzeva :)
Hi Suzeva, welcome to TalkJesus. :love: Praise the Lord for what He's done in your life so far, there's much more to come.
Hi Suzeva :love: Welcome to TalkJesus :love: 26years and 5 kids??? WOW :love: Your a busy bee :love: May our good Lord Jesus Christ help you every step on the way :love: God bless you mommy :love: I hope TalkJesus will be the shadow under the tree, the hot bubble bath, the quiet prayer house, Your rest and your comfort in times of need, trials and troubles :love:
welcome to talk jesus, i look forward to getting to know you and seeing God use your gifts and talents for his glory!

Jesu bless you
Staff Member
Hello Suzeva welcome to Talk Jesus. God bless you sister
Hello Welcome ! Kids are so fun arent they! I have 3 myself ! i think you will find this place to be a great place for learning and fellowship!

Joyfully ~ Jlu
Hi again Suzeva,
Welcome to Talk Jesus!
Thank you for joining us as one with the Body of Christ our Savior. Please take a moment to read the forum rules so that you may enjoy the friendly atmosphere and understand certain restrictions to maintain a family friendly Talk Jesus. God bless you!
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