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History Mystery

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Staff member
History Mystery

Have a history teacher explain this----- if they can.

Abraham Lincoln was elected to Congress in 1846.
John F. Kennedy was elected to Congress in 1946.

Abraham Lincoln was elected President in 1860.
John F. Kennedy was elected President in 1960.

Both were particularly concerned with civil rights.
Both wives lost their children while living in the White House.
Both Presidents were shot on a Friday.
Both Presidents were shot in the head

Now it gets really weird.

Lincoln 's secretary was named Kennedy.
Kennedy's Secretary was named Lincoln .

Both were assassinated by Southerners.
Both were succeeded by Southerners named Johnson.

Andrew Johnson, who succeeded Lincoln , was born in 1808.
Lyndon Johnson, who succeeded Kennedy, was born in 1908.

John Wilkes Booth, who assassinated Lincoln , was born in 1839.
Lee Harvey Oswald, who assassinated Kennedy, was born in 1939.

Both assassins were known by their three names.
Both names are composed of fifteen letters.

Now hang on to your seat.

Lincoln was shot at the theatre named 'Ford.'
Kennedy was shot in a car called ' Lincoln ' made by 'Ford.'

Lincoln was shot in a theatre and his assassin ran and hid in a
Kennedy was shot from a warehouse and his assassin ran and hid
in a theatre.

Booth and Oswald were assassinated before their trials.

And here's the kicker...

A week before Lincoln was shot, he was in Monroe , Maryland
A week before Kennedy was shot, he was with Marilyn Monroe.


1) Fold a NEW PINK $20 bill in half...

2) Fold again, taking care to fold it exactly as below

3) Fold the other end, exactly as before

4) Now, simply turn it over...

A simple geometric fold creates a catastrophic premonition printed on all $20 bills

As if that wasn't enough. Here is what you've seen...

Firstly The Pentagon on fire...

Then The Twin Towers.

..And now .. look at this


It gets even better... 9 + 11=$20
wow ,have no words really ,what can you say to that:shock: that is pure freaky.

Thanks for sharing Bro
God Bless and Much Love xoxoxoxoxox
Wow!! That is amazing! I have read about Lincoln and Kennedy before, but the $20, just scary! Thanks for sharing, very thought provoking!

God Bless,

New Member
I wanted to people know that there is a mistake for example.. marilyn mornroe died one year before JFK assination so this for example is wrong. people need to check a lil bit more about other facts to.
I wanted to people know that there is a mistake for example.. marilyn mornroe died one year before JFK assination so this for example is wrong. people need to check a lil bit more about other facts to.
You are correct

M.M. was found dead in her bedroom August 5 1962
J.F.K. died November 22 1963

But we all know that J.F.K had a relationship, or friendshiup with M.M.
New Member
The theory of the dates do appear regular in conspiracy theorists books and articles, so I have read about it several times. To me, that is very strange, is that the folded 20 dollar note was produced to me a day after the Twin Tower incident, by someone who I know belong to the Freemasons. How he got this info so quickly is still a mystery. He also brought some coded symbols in the fonts of windows 98 to the front (also to do with the towers). Is this theories just myths or is there something in it about the New World Order?

Be alert!!
New Member
wow.....someone had shown me the $20 bill within months of 9/11....

The rest of it, I did not know and I am speechless........thanks for sharing that Chad.....

It all brings me back to what I keep saying "God works in mysterious ways!!!!"
New Member
wow!thats amazing information collected...an i think(just a guess) all this was a master plan,,because both were the the true followers of Lord Jesus Christ.,holding a important position..and were striving for peace.

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