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His Presence

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Whatever adversities we may be facing, whatever emotions we are going through, Our God is there. This poem is my way of expressing this and is also inspired by Psalm 46:10

His Presence....
A fragrant rose... in a putrid mess
A feather motionless ...in a violent storm
A snowfall... on the darkest day
A shining jewel ...in the midst of rubble
A vibrant color ...in a gloomy room
A flickering flame... in a murky chasm
A nightingale's song ...at a mournful wake
A soft rain ...in an arid desert
A soothing salve ...on a wounded soul
A silken robe ...among filthy rags.
Be still and know that I am God.

:love: Calluna
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Hi Calluna,

I pray that you are doing well. Thanks for sharing that little poem. But have to say something that is so ironic. As I was reading the description of "His presence", I didn't see the end. Seeing the beauty of Jesus in our storms, I thought that all we have to do was "Be still" in those moments to see His majesty. It was then I saw the end. How great is He!

God bless,