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His Footsteps

We can only testify to what we have seen, heard and felt. Amen.
I can only speak for self; what I have seen, heard and felt. It is not what one is saying, but how are you (us) the listener responding.
If one has doubt and unbelief; being prideful and self righteous, ye condemn yourselves. Do you believe that God is able to raise us vessels from these rocks and send them into your house of worship? I tell you, yea, He is able.

I watched an entire congregation and their preacher condemn themselves because they did not believe. I entered in confessing "I come in the name of the Lord." I spoke the words God laid on me to speak. These "believers" hated me; they treated me shamefully, called me the devil, drag me off the throne of Grace washing God's feet with my tears, for them. And, I was cast out by these self righteous hypocrites. God allowed me to see in the Spirit as a black veil fell upon the preacher, and a grey mist covered the congregation. Wow..... He told me, when He sent me there before I ever went in, "They will not receive you, because they have not received Him who sent you." Wow.....

We think we have understanding what the Word reads; I tell you, "nay; not until you walk in the footsteps of Jesus and have faith in Him, speaking forth the words He has given you, then we have understanding; for we have went through what He went through. He is the door. He is the Way, the Truth, and the Life. Amen. In order for Him to increase, I must decrease. Amen. Have you decrease enough to allow Him to properly introduce Himself to you? The hypocrites has killed every prophet that God has sent to them. Do you believe that has changed? I tell you "nay". Judgment is come. The silence and fear is broken. Are you ready? Does that house fear the truth of who they are? Do you love them enough to lay down your life for them, that they might be saved? while you speak the Word of truth, God has given you; and they fight against you and cast you out; God is revealing to them the truth of who they are; but someone has to be obedient to HIM. Amen.

Are you are blood bought, born again of water and Spirit believer? Then why are you so quiet? Why are you being a hearer and not a doer? Because, it is human nature to have respector of persons. If we have respector of persons, we sin against God. We put them first and not God. With God there is no respector of persons; and God has no respector of persons. Do you want them to live or die?

God is, indeed, raising up a people; and we will follow Him unto death. For the things we have seen, heard, and felt; we will die for that witness. No one can cause me to doubt it, deny it, or turn away from it; for I know, I BELIEVE these things are true and that the Word of God is true, for the Lord my God has spoken it to my heart and I have gone through Him in my walk. The first step is the hardest; going against what man expects and doing what God commands. Amen. The hypocrites doesn't like me much. It is hard for them to kick against the pricks. I have no ill will in my heart against them; but when they are trying to teach a congregation and God is revealing to me "they don't know Him", I must speak. I must fight the good fight of faith; even unto death. So be it; man hasn't the power to cast me into hell, but God. Amen.

Jesus laid down His life for me (you); are you not willing to do the same for your Lord? He has asked us to pick up our cross and follow Him. Jesus did not sit on a church pew; nor do He enter in to be taught, but to teach. Amen. The Holy Ghost is the only true Teacher; if one is not baptized with His baptism (it is a spiritual baptism that man can not provide for you), then how can that phony teach you the Way, the Truth and the Life? There are many false prophets standing at the pulpits. Is what they preach convicting your heart? The abomination of desolation is standing where it ought not to be. Those that have ears, let them hear what the Spirit is saying. Amen.

The Way, the Truth and the Life is not easy, it is not a comfortable pew; it convicts the heart, it cuts like a sword, it burns within your soul. It does not allow you to step sideways of the Word and be comfortable that you are "o.k." Amen. He is joy in my heart, peace in my mind, comfort to my soul, sweet to my mouth, and bitter in thy belly. My Lord, my God, is my strength. I can not but tell you the truth; least I put a yoke upon myself and the Master confine me to prison. God is Spirit. Amen. Do you know Him? Is He consuming your heart? Is His Word convicting and slaying you from yourselves, separating you from this world? Have you been converted, little children? Has you laid down yourself and allowed God to properly dress you, prepare you for battle? Is your mind by renewed by washing of water by the Word? Is transformation happening within you; are you a carnal being or a spiritual being? Lord have mercy upon your witness.................. Amen.
All praise, glory and honor be to God. Amen