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Hillsong Australia as amazing as iy seems?

Is Hillsong Australia as amazing as it seems I wanna go study there but thats only in 2008 but I so want to know about the church for so one who has been there. Any one been there?
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I've never heard of this before. So this is a stuby Bible school basically?

I'm interested in attending one myself GOD willing I have time :)
There s a Hillsong Church in Australia that is huge where Darlene Zscheck is and they have music Hillsong Music Autsralia (which i have) - its awesome .But thats all I ve ever heard of.
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Soldier of God said:
You are from South Africa, so tell me.....My wife at this very moment is enjoying the Word, provided by Glenda Watson(Restoration ministries South Africa). Tell me about this ministry, Glenda Watson. God bless
I have never heard of her. Sorry but Rae Mc Calie is pretty awsome here. Rhema

Hillsongs music is so amazing I am Hillsong Uniteds biggest fan. I am going to next years conference!!!
okay. i have not been to hillsong (it is held in sydney and i live 1300km away), but it is a great place to be. huge movements of God, new and vibrant music (its truly amazing to hear their music), and many people have been saved through it.

i'd encourage everyone to go there! :p
i love hillsongs that where most of the music we sang in my old youth group came from. good stuff. congrats to those of you that got in its a hard school to get into.
The song you are all trying to think of is "shout to the Lord" realised around 1990.

Hill song is something that I have not been to and proably won't ever go but that has more to do with me than it. I know oh 20 or 30 people who have been and am very familiure with the music, the schools you are talking about are I think something that has been being run as an exersise in equiping the church (universal) for worship.

The only complant that I have heard about this group is that it is a true dyed in the wool mega church, with Epos swip cards under the seats and that one gets a bit of a cold shoulder from the mass of people their unless you know someone. Not bad just cultural, churchs always seem to pick up culture.

Music is great (if a bit soppy) and the events run by these guys that I have been to have been great (there was this thing called count down 2000 they did way back when-that was cool).

Nah go for it alacia and if you get the chance head west over the mountians and expericance the dry place that is actually rather alot like SA. (Same sought of climate and the some colours of green and brown or so my folks tell me)