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High School want to shut down Jesus Lunch

Discussion in 'News Stand' started by Christ4Ever, Apr 14, 2016.

  1. I wonder what my mother who used to prepare my lunch and send it to school with me daily in a brown paper bag would say of such a situation. The elementary school I attended provided no lunches of any kind for anyone. Of course, my mother handled my lunch with her hands and I know she never wore protective gloves when she did so.

    I'm 72 years old now and my mother has been gone nearly 10 years, so she did not see the terrible conditions we see around us today... but they not good even 10 years ago, were they? Our natural world has always been very much a place which would cause Jesus to weep. Can it get worse? Without a doubt. If the Lord tarries so long our beloved country (U.S.A.) will may make Nazi Germany appear as a bright spot.

    How can we make it through? With God's help!
  2. I wonder how much longer before it becomes illegal to be a Christian. It's already well past "politically incorrect''.
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  3. Likely they won't make it illegal to be a Christian, but many have already re-defined what it means to be a Christian or follower of Christ. The re-definition of what a Christian is continues moving farther and farther away from what God's definition would be...
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  4. I believe it was Billy Graham that said If the Lord does not call America to account; He would have to apologize for Sodom and Gomorrah. The reality is when we simply look at the signs that the Lord is providing through nature itself; we can see that the Lord is warning us as a nation to turn back to Him. The last few years of unusual weather phenomena are unmistakably the Hand of God. But since America has insisted on removing the Guidance of the Almighty God from the Schools; Courts and Seats of Government, we are left with a nation of total chaos. We have high suicide rates among teens and young adults; A fiasco of an electoral process,and a complete sense of hopelessness and angst that seems to permeate to the core of the society. All due to the Rejection of the King of Kings. And since they cannot attack the Almighty; they are left with antagonizing His ambassadors... So we who are His will be accused and blamed. Even so Amen! Come Lord Jesus!
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  5. Even so Lord Jesus, come quickly!
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  6. Very very very quickly, pleeeaseee.

    But not my will but your will be done LORD.

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