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I came here to meet people who like to tell and learn about Jesus . I have been Christian about 10 years, but one thing different from usually , I havent got seattled to any church . Hope, this doesnt bother anybody here. Looking forward to meet you here :thumbs_up
Staff Member
Hello BeGood God bless you brother. Thank you for joining us. Hope you enjoy the forums.
Hello Be Good

I clicked on the Stumble upon button and read your message, hope to see more of your message here, will pray that GOD leads you to find a good Church where you can grow in fellowship with other Christians in your country.
Welcome to TJ brother, you will fnd wonderful people and great fellowship here!

In Christ,

I wouldn't worry about not being part of a church, God will call you to one if He thought it was necessary.
Although I do have to say that once you have joined one it is like having a door opened, you have other christians to talk to and learn from and I dont know about anyone else but i LOVE the singing!!

bless you, i hope you enjoy this site and meet lots of good friends through it!