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:girl: :rose:

Hi, I know I haven't posted much of anything lately, :confused: But I've been on another christian site getting to know those people.:love: I want to know every one here also. You can never have to many friends. At least I get to write in color here and I can't at the other place. So thats a plus. :thumbs_up Like I said I'm 56, married , 2 children and 3 grandchildren. I live in Ky. the blue grass state. I am a babba-costal,and love it. Hope to get to know all of you soon.:thumbs_up
Welcome again sweet lady :love: God bless you and lead your path :love: Thanks for helping us grow together
heya honesty

welcome 2 TJ darlin!!

the old, an da young all come 2getha 2 praise da Lord!!

an i agree.. u can neva have 2 many friends!!

i'd luv 2 b ur friend if ur lookin... lol.

God Bless!!

:up: 2 very enthusiastic thumbs up :up:
if your looking for a friend you dotn get much better than this you know!!!

welcome in to the Greta BIG Fmaily.. were all very friendly and i think we will not bite all that hard... he he he!!!

Love Simon!!!