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Hi !!!


The name "talk jesus" is what drew me to this site....cause that is what i love to do most. :love: I have not seen any of you, or spoke to most of you..I woulnd't know you if you walked past me on the street...yet I know...we all have common ground..in which to fellowship ...As christians we all share in the same fight against a common enemy...and we ALSO SHARE IN THE SAME VICTORY our LORD JESUS has given us..WE ALL HAVE THE SPIRIT OF THE LIVING GOD... OUR LORD SAYS WE HAVE FELLOWSHIP ONE WITH ANOTHER

So looking forward to bumping into you all.... somewhere on this site
WE ARE ALL BLESSED..... :thumbs_up
WOW i sure hope we will bump into each other, you great bundle of JOY

Welcome to your TalkJesus family :love: