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My name's Chris. I'm an American living in Sweden and studying in Poland. My wife is in Sweden, and my church is back in the states. I am studying medicine and no one I have met in my class seems to be a beliver. I am in desperate need of some fellowship. If anyone knows of a good online bible study group I am interested.

God bless,

Welcome to Talk Jesus, i think you will find plenty of christians to talk to here of all ages, and from all over the world. You will be able to share the Word just about any time of the day or night,

Your sister in Christ

AlabasterBox :girl:

Chris, this is the third Christian website I've joined since last November, and it's by far the best one I've seen. Lots of fellowship, yet not too big either. Hope you enjoy the site!
Hi chris, welcome to TalkJesus. . . for the serious christians in mind. ..
I have discovered defenetly your needs and wishes on this site. . . You will have fellowship, prayer, lots of tons of passion and love :love:
I hope your wife can join you here, so we get to meet both of you :love:
I am in german, my husband is american, we do live in germany and my husband doesnt feel at home very much in our country. . . I understand your need for fellowship in every matter. . . especially the hard test of being the only christian in your close area of school in a foreign country. . . God bless you and your wife . . . enjoy TalkJesus and come and meet us in Livechat for Bible Trivia on Saturdays. .. will ya peeps