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Hi :)

Hi all...

just joined up... :) hmmm not much to say... I run my own internet business (games related) - it's been stressing me recently - I don't seem to have the stamina to cope with things at the moment... need a bit of cheering up nowadays.

so if there's anyone there who likes to chat and cheer poor old me up - then feel free to respond :)

thanks for pointing me this way Chad
hi frank

anytime you need a friend dude im here and be welcome to share anything with anyone on this chat alote of nice peps on here
Hello Frank
Know that feeling too well, no stamina.....have had that since last June, so can relate to you but your welcome to cry on my shoulder anytime, just keep on writing and there's a lot around here to call upon, the Lord being the ultimate though, nothing he can't mend.
Staff Member
Frank GOD bless you brother.

Play around the site and talk to everyone, we're good listeners.
Welcome Frank ... It's great to have you here at talkjesus ! Frank , we all get weary at times so don't be ashamed of that . GOD told ADAM ,after the fall, that by the sweat of his brow , he would have to provide many of the blessings they had in the garden . Also , that thorns would spring up along with the good fruit of the land . But GOD made a way for us to overcome our weariness . By sharing our struggles with each other , and holding each other up through prayer and fellowship . I hope to be a part of both you're struggles and you're victories here at T.J. BROTHER

thankyou for your support. I'm suffering from major depression and chronic fatigue. It's very hard for me to do anything at the moment. I would appreciate prayers from anyone out there.

God bless
Frank ... if you ever want to talk let me know . In the meantime I will pray for you're renewed strength . BROTHER
Chin up, Frank

Sorry to hear you are down. It happens to all of us from time to time. I will promise you one thing: I will be praying for you.

"Come to me all ye that are heavy laden, and I will give you rest."
Matthew 11:28

Jesus loves you,