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Hi Y'all from Texas here. God Bless

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New Member
My name is Tina, I am from Texas. I moved here 4 years ago from Mi. I love it no SNOW lol.
I have 2 girls one 1 1/2 and one 12. I do day care at home.
I have been living with one foot in and one out for the Lord for a long time now. I got away when I was a teen and I truly need to get back on track. I have been saved and getting ready to get baptised again. I was saved when I was 14 and baptised when I was 24. I have found a great church and some great new friends. I have been going to this church for about 3 months now. I pray all day everyday and have been making lots of changes in my life. I read from the King James bible almost everyday.
We race stock cars on Sat. nights that is about the only hobby I have besides doing web sites for our race team and friends. I may be getting ready to do a site for my church.
Well that is all for now about me.
Nice to meet y'all.

Once was Lost but NOW I am found.
New Member

Hey Tina! We're glad you're here! I myself am new and I'm so happy I found a place like this where I can talk of my beloved Jesus without ridicule or persecution. Welcome aboard!
New Member
heya tiny tina!!

soz, i have a thing wif nicknames...lol..

welcome 2 TJ darlin!!

how r ur girls?? i luv kids.. r they cute???

ur a precious gurl Tina! an im sure that God is SOOOO happy u r wif him, in his family..

God Bless!!
New Member
hey tina!!
welcome to talk jesus!!!
ur gonna love it here soooooooooooooooooo many wonderful ppl here!!!!
hope to cya around....
god bless
New Member
Hi Tina, Welcome to TalkJesus :love: This is a wonderful place to be. Lots of other brothers and sisters to encourage us in our walk with the Lord. Hope to see you around. :shade: sunshine307
New Member
Hi Tina, welcome aboard here. Sounds like you live an adventure with the stock cars. Do you drive 'em? You will have to post some pictures of that. Feel free to post anywhere in here. There are lots of great Christian family members you have here.
God bless you sister.
New Member
Hi Tina, welcome to Talk Jesus!!! I'm so glad you found us. Welcome to the family. I have two daughters, 15 and almost 17, and a son who is almost 5. I once lived in Texas when I was 14, I'm 37 now. It was only for 7 months, though. It is a wonderful place with a lot of fantastic people. I just didn't like the scorpions and ants, bleck, lol.

I, too, lived with one foot in and one foot out for several years. God has been calling to my heart for so long to return to the Church. I can say with confidence that I am now HOME! Praise God! I still have to find a physical church, but for now, these forums fill my needs perfectly!!!

I hope you find everything you're looking for here at Talk Jesus. The forums are inspiring and the people are wonderful examples of true Christians. I hope we'll be able to chat sometime real soon. GBU, Sister!

Amen! :love:
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