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Hi there!

Hi there!

I was reading on a breastfeedingforum when I saw a link to this forum and came to take a look. Strange way to get here huh?! :shade:
Allthough I don't plan on coming here to much because forums can be very addictive, but instead spent my time with my children (2 beautiful twindaughters, 17 weeks old) and husband, I would like to come here every now and then to fellowship with my brothers and sisters in the Lord all over the world, and learn more about our wonderful God! (Allthough I've been raised in a christianfamily and gave my heart to the Lord at a young age, there's still a lot to learn.) I plan to have my bible next to the computer to read the biblequotes (one of the benefits of not having english as your first language :wink: ) so I'll be doing some biblestudy as well (makes the addiction seem a little smaller).

Staff Member
Welcome to the board MrsZe and thanks for joining! I hope to see you around and often!

By the way, I never intentionally advertised on a breastfeeding site lol. I guess it was Google adwords.