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Hi~New to this

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I've been wanting a place to converse with other Christians for so long!! Not sure how this all works but I'm excited to venture out and give it a shot.........
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Welcome to Talk Jesus @April Holton
Always a joy to welcome another Sister in Christ Jesus to the online Community of Christ Believers! (A mouth full) :)

Not too difficult here.....just find something someone has written and reply to it, which is what we call "Posting". Or better yet create one of your own, which is what we call a "Thread". Any questions we (Staff/Members) can help you with, feel free to ask. You have some very knowledgeable Christians here. I guess you can say Membership has those who just came to the Lord to those who have belonged to Him for many, many years! While, others, who visit now and again, who do not know Him.

So you can say that those you find here to fellowship with or help with growing closer to the Lord through. Are pretty much like most others you may find anywhere. They'll make you laugh, cry, or they might even leave you scratching your head!

Just look around at the different forums available and leap right in! :) Remember that if you have any questions just let us know.

With the Love of Christ Jesus be Welcomed April Holton!