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Hi, new here (obviously lol)

My name's drowning, and I'm on the run from my past. I've tried to escape it before, but someone slipped and I was followed. Hopefully now, i can resta ssured that God has taken care of the people in my past and I can go on with new friends and a new life in HIM.
Anyways, I am a sixteen-year-old guy; I’ve been homeschooled for my whole life; I rededicated my life to Jesus Christ Feb 8th, 2005. I can’t say I’ve really been a better person since then, but I’ve learned valuable lessons in life that I hope to teach to my future children. (Just in case you’re by any chance wondering, my mother is not telling me what to type lol)
My interests/trades/hobbies include psychology (or psychotherapy; I am a psychologist*↓), anatomy, physiology, writing, acting, composing my own piano music, playing the piano, performing at various locations with my Suzuki violin strings group (locations include St. Louis Cardinal’s baseball games, Holiday World/Splash-n-Safari (in Santa Clause, Indiana) Disney World (in Orlando, Florida), possibly I may be touring in Ireland next year, and various local concerts I attend and perform at). I’m also Second Chair Violin for the Centralia Philharmonic Orchestra.
I cook/bake (wonderfully lol), clean, take care of my five brothers, one sister, my mother, and the “unknown one” due in just two weeks. I absolutely LOVE doing dishes and baking bread; they’re my favorite hobbies.
I also like to listen to some CCM, but I mostly listen to Christian Rock. I’m an avid fan of Switchfoot, Something Corporate, and Slick Shoes. :)
God Bless everyone here,

*↑This can be debated, but here in this topic is neither the time nor place.
Welcome *drowning, pray you find yourself encouraged and strengthened in your personal walk with God within this fellowship!

LOL I really like how you describe yourself followed by a silent asterix challenge of sorts.
I read thru some of your website the other day, and concluded you must have already enjoyed (or not) some rather engaging conversations with people who have wanted to debate your stance.
The human mind has been examined, studied, drilled and expanded, feel free to explore mine, (*minus the drilling please) but I should be kind enough to warn you, that I bring more people to the brink of confusion than any sort of conclusion, or should I say most people could only conclude I confuse them. LOL
Hi drowning,

Welcome to Talk Jesus!

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Hey Welcome to TalkJesus. It's pretty cool that you're a musician. :) I also love the piano but i'm not exactly that great on it..:) well yea, once again, WElcome to Talk Jesus. May God bless you greatly Brother. We love you. :)
Well Hello drowning

and welcome to Talk Jesus. I am pretty new myself. I joined about a year ago but didn't stay and just came back yesterday.

You are very energetic and multi talented and you can come live at my house any time LOL cuz all those things you do so well, I don't like. Except piano and composing music. I love music.

I look forward to talking with you
Staff Member
Hello brother welcome to Talk Jesus :) Thank you for joining us. I believe GOD led you here and you will grow with the Lord with the help of your family in Christ right here at the forums.

God bless you
Hello, great to have you on! That's neat that you play piano and like making bread etc. I really enjoy making bread too! I took over the job as my mom would say. ;-) May Christ strengthen you with every coming day.
Your's in Him,
Hello, "Drowning", welcome to Talk Jesus. From what you posted, it is obvious that you are a very precocious young man. I pray that you fasten your spiritual eyes on Jesus so His Spirit can grow inside you and heal you.

I have one suggestion and that is that you adopt a more positive nickname. The nick you have chosen belies a decision to hold a negative opinion of your future. Remember, Peter was drowning when Jesus reached down, grabbed his hand and pulled him up (See Mt 14:30-31). When Jesus pulled him up, the drowning was past.

Wow, thanks for all the feedback, fellow believers in JC! I feel really at home. Unfortunately, things at my house are haywire right now. Several hours ago, a new sister was born into my family (the number eight I talked about in my first post) and I'm afraid that's all I can say on the main forums. If anybody would like more dets, just PM me and I'll gladly share some background.
And whoever wants to get to know me better, just throw a PM my way sometime, as I'm really busy at 1:14 AM at my house typing this post lol, and I promise, you'll get a reply back.
And yes, my user name is quite unusual, but it's only because I'm drowning in so many personal problems right now it's not worth laughing at. Well, got to run. Phone calls coming in all about the new baby and I gotta keep the phone line open. God Bless Everyone Here!
Welcome drowning and congrats on the new sister! Please feel free to contact any mods or members if you want to talk!

I also must warn you about Coconut I mean it says it right in her name ! opps did i type that out loud? lol I am just teasin' !I LOVE you sister!

Back to serious talk I see the pain in your posts please reach out to one of the men here they are wonderful strong men in the Lord and will be able to give you good consel

Love in Christ
Hey Drowning, Welcome to TJ!

Reading your 1st Post, I think we have a scary amount in common.
e.g. Homeschooler, Intrest In Psychology(I'm considering Doing as a Major in my Degree), Piano ect. ect.. (Fave Compersers ; Rachmaninoff, Greig, Bonsor, Bach, Handel's Okay, Purcell's not too Bad And it's Awfully Late).

Looking forward to Debating In the Forum and Chattin' in the Chat!

God Bless,

Yeah, Jlu, anytime I feel a need, I'll seek Godly counsel. Thanks. :)
And Jb, wow, we do have a lot in common; I'll PM you. Maybe we can be good friends. :rockon: