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Hi my name is SherreeandAnthony

Discussion in 'Introduction' started by shereeandanthony, Apr 27, 2004.

  1. hi! how are you? I am doing fine. I am 16 years old. I was living in Bear, DE and now I live in Germantown in Philadelphia, PA. I do read the bible and believe in God! Diana31483 is my best friend and she used to live with me in Bear,DE in 2000.

    Love, SherreeandAnthony
  2. Hi my best friend, Sherree,

    That is nice to say that about me and how are things in Germantown in Philadelphia, PA? Have you talked to anyone in DE? No, not really besides Angel and Darlene. Darla always call me to talk to me so that is what's up!Darla said she'll call you soon!

    Love, Diana31483 AKA Di or Shortie
  3. Hi Di,

    Ok, Darla calling me that is great. I have somethings to tell her about Anthony. So how are things with you and Anthony? I hope ok. Well, gotta go!

  4. Welcome to Talk Jesus :)
  5. Thanx Chadi to replying for my topic

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