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Hi my name is Rick...liveing in las vagas n.v. just looking for fellowship

I can remember when I first became a Christian. .I was young about 17 yrs old..I had been going thru a few things in my life taking drugs ..Lsd..smoked alot of weed ..I decided to hitch hike to Arkansas. .from California. .during that time God changed me ..I met a lot of different people a long the way ..perverts. .But God was watching over me by the time I made it back to California. .something happen to me God filled me with the Holy spirit. .and it changed my personality. .totally and completely my friends were trying to figure out what happened to me ..I loved it so much ..God was inside of me and I could feel him ..totally I.was not the same person. .after about 3-months the feelings ledt me ..I didn't feel God's spirit in side me anymore. .I was really upset. .why did he take that from ..I realized after about a year later why God did it..he made himself real to me in the way that he did ..but he also wanted me to.walk by faith and not by what I feel ..a hard thing for me to learn but very important
You know it's something I don't really talk about what I when thru when I was a young Christian to much ..peiople change as they move on thru Life..I know that God love's me and sometimes your Faith really gets tested..I trust God whole Hartley. For everything he's never let me down but I think Iam going thru the Jobe affect..when everything seems like it's going wrong I know God hears my prayers but thing's just are not going rigth ..But I thank all you for your prayers I'll try to keep you posted on how it all pans out thank You God Bless yall
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Hi brother Rick welcome to the forums brother. Glad to hear your mini testimony. I pray this community blesses you and encourages you. Please share our site in your social media as well.