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Hi I'm Joefizz/Joseph

Discussion in 'Introduction' started by Joefizz, Jul 27, 2017.

  1. hello everyone,I'm Joseph but I chose Joefizz as my username on here(and 6 other Christian Chat sites making a wonderful 7 sites now that I'm a member of and stay logged in to and post on)because it is my favorite nickname given to me by my kid cousin she couldn't pronounce my name"Joseph" calling me Joefizz,I thought it was so cute and catchy that it is now my favorite,as for the question of why I am on so many Christian Chat sites,judgement day is closer than ever,and God has laid it upon my heart to spread his word and teach his word through the holy spirit through these Christian sites and I couldn't be happier!
    Also as for about me,I am 24,I write songs through the holy spirit(17 full songs currently)only for God and not for profit because I believe that to accept money for songs the holy spirit has led me to write,would be stealing from God,also I am completely serious when it comes to discussing God's word the bible and also when discussing about God,salvation or baptism,but as for other subjects I may get a little silly with humor(I may get any of you to laugh)but that is because humor has always been my "bond"with others especially children(particularly in my family)as for the rest about me,you can find that out as we discuss or simply chat.
  2. Welcome to Talk Jesus @Joefizz
    Always a joy to welcome another brother in Christ Jesus to this online Christian Community of Believers.

    Hope you will find joy and growth in Christ Jesus along with fellowship here. Let others know, and may you be richly blessed as I'm sure we'll be by your joining!

    Look forward to hearing your songs one day.
    Look around and share as the Holy Spirit moves you to.

    Once again, be welcome.
    With the Love of Christ Jesus.
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  3. well if you are ever in Tennessee,I sing my songs for God,at Eternal life missionary Baptist up in new market,and bible missionary Baptist in knoxville,or at least at the moment these are the only churches that allow me to sing,you know how it is some churches prefer just hymnal songs,which of course I respect.
  4. You never know...I just might find my way back to Tennessee :)
    Spent a year or so south of Nashville in a small town called Tullahoma while in the military.
    Beautiful country.

    Have you ever thought about video taping yourself and putting them on youtube?
    Not that I know how, but we have some members here who have done that, and if you feel Holy Spirit moved to do so.
    They just might be able to help.

    Regardless, glad you're here.
    God bless.
    With the love of Christ Jesus.
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  5. yeah I've thought of youtube but I don't know how to make or post videos on there.
  6. Welcome to the forums @Joefizz ! Glad you're here
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  7. The Lord Jesus gave me the gift of writing scriptural (spiritual) songs back in 2011, and he has given me quite a few to write over a period of about five years. I am not young, like you. My voice is old, but it is the voice God has given me, and he chose to give me this gift in my 60s, so this is the voice he wanted for these songs. But, they are not for entertainment. This is "speaking to one another in Psalms, hymns and spiritual songs" for the glory of God and the encouragement of the body of Christ. They are all home recorded but one, which was professionally recorded in Nashville, TN in 2012 ("For Our Nation") -

    I didn't know much about writing songs when I began. It had been 40 years since I studied music education in college, so I was quite rusty. But, I remembered the basics, and my daughter helped me a little with learning how to write accompaniments, and not just chords. She is a music teacher. And, my daughter-in-law (one of them) taught me how to do Power Point, and my husband helped me learn how to use song writing software, and my son-in-law helped me with some recording techniques, eventually, and then I had to learn how to make them into videos, and I learned how to post them on YouTube, and then on Vimeo. This was all a learning process, and I was in my 60s when I began this new adventure, too. So, you can learn it, as well.

    Anyway, this is my vimeo site: Sue Love
    And YouTube: Sue J Love

    If I can help in any way, let me know.

    Yes, Tennessee is beautiful country.
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  8. @Joefizz? I'm not a robot lol,I'm "Joefizz",and a robot could never impersonate me,why????
    I feel fluffy oh so fluffy,I like cheese,which way is the street??? I'm on one of them thar special diets...who took my cookie??? sunny days sweeping the clouds away...
    I am Joefizz and a robot can't understand,which way a rooster doesn't lay an egg on a roof!!!
  9. When you put an @ before someone's name, it tags that person and lets him or her know he or she received a reply.
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  10. that was a beautiful song!
    the difference in my songs is that they have no notes,and require no instruments.
  11. All glory to God! It came from Him.
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  12. alrighty then lol!
  13. Yes all glory to God!
  14. Hi Joseph! Nice to see you here also. Keep enjoying the site. God bless you brother.

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  16. thank you!!!

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