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Hi! I'm an atheist. Don't click away, I have some questions.

Discussion in 'Introduction' started by rebot333, Oct 13, 2017.

  1. So, I've been an atheist all my life and don't plan on changing any time soon. Is this a "sin?" What do you think of me? Should I try to change? Thanks.
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  2. Sin? Your problem is that you are plainly and simply dead in the eyes of God. If you ever expect to have any hope for something better in this carnal or material life or after the dirt is thrown onto your face, you have to change or be changed. That does not start with me, but with you by really wanting to you believe that He exists and by really wanting to please Him:

    "But without faith it is impossible to please him: for he that cometh to God must believe that he is, and that he is a rewarder of them that diligently seek him." Heb 11:6

    If you are really interested in moving toward something better than what you have, ask and I or someone else here can probably help you... or you can go directly to Him.

    Curiosity is insufficient for you to obtain understanding of God.
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  3. I feel like I'm in the better place by not being pushed into a line of mindless believers with no proof to back it up. But if that's what you think, okay. I feel sorry for you guys. Lies. False hope. That's all it is.
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  4. First Welcome to Talk Jesus @rebot333
    Whether you believe it or not :)

    Not mindless, we just don't mind folks that don't believe what we believe.
    Especially, when they come to us, as is the case here.

    We ask at the very least is courtesy.

    Proof is relative, to what you're willing to accept. We have atheist who come here and the proof of the existence of Jesus is not enough. (shrug)
    I guess more writings, by those who actually saw Him, but that also is not enough.

    We can't make you believe or not believe anything we have to say on the subject. All we do is present it to you, and you'll either be moved to seeing the truth of what is being said, or curious enough to seeing more of why we believe as we believe.

    I'm sure you'd rather make fun of the folks who believe in a fantasy. Sure, it gives you a change of pace from what? Nothing better to do?
    Maybe, to enlighten us to where you're at?

    Been there, as has everyone who profess to believe in Jesus Christ as their Savior has been. The problem is that you have not been where we are at.

    Let me show you kind of how some see it, and how the majority of us who are willing to die and are dying in the name of Jesus throughout the world even as we exchange these words see it.

    Imagine getting on a plane and as you get on someone gives you a parachute and tells you to put it on. They don't tell you why, but you guess why not, and put it on. So, you get to your seat and you notice that you're the only one wearing one, and after the plane takes off you start hearing folks laugh at you, point, etc. You don't want to be made fun of anymore, and don't see why you should be wearing it, so you take it off. Now you're just like everyone else. Fit in just nicely, but without the knowledge that you'll need that parachute later on. :-(

    Now, let's try it from our perspective. You're entering the plane and the person gives you a parachute and tells you to put it on. However, they add the following caution which was neglected in being told to you the first time. They tell you that at about 10,000 feet you're going to have to jump off the plane. You now go and sit down at your seat. Same thing happens. People start laughing at you and point at you, but guess what? Instead of pulling it off, you hold on to it tighter. Cause you know what's going to happen, even if no body else does, or seems to care.

    See, whether you believe in Jesus or not is not in our control. We can only tell you about Him and what He did for you. The rest is up to you. When you realize that Jesus, died for you when He didn't have to, and in rising again, He now has offered you that parachute so to speak. Even if you have some doubt, a person normally asks a question. Why would He die for me? While for others, since they things its all a joke anyway, there really is no response for them. They just continue to ridicule, and join with the others, heading for that 10,000 ft. or in every ones case, whether they believe in Jesus or not. And it's called Death.

    When you realize that Jesus truly is that parachute to life after death, or for us who have believed, a life greater than we've ever known before. No matter what you say or do can effect the belief that we hold closer to ourselves, then our own lives. For He has become our life!

    So, you might believe that ours is one with a false hope, but we look at you and many like you and see people as having no hope. So, rather than making fun of you, we pray for you in the hope, be it false from your perspective, that one day you may find Him. And when you do, that you'll hold on like you'll be parachuting out of that plane when it reaches 10,000 ft. or even more sure, when you die. Because, though it might not be a plane that you'll be jumping out of. The death that awaits each and everyone of us including you. Will, I truly pray, before then, have you in a realization that the only thing that matters in this life, is His Saving Grace on the Cross He was hung from, and that He did it for you. Which is all that matters and the only thing of value that you can take with you when you breath your last.

    I hope you stay, and take the time to read some of the testimonies that others have written here. Not, in the light of the deluded that you now see them as, but with the question on how could folks who were like me, be moved to a decision so life changing and full of Hope.

    Poor, rich, educated, uneducated, male, female, thief, liars, adulterers, doctors, lawyers, honest, dishonest, gamers, artists, singers, children, adults, old folks like me ;) , crippled, healthy, sinners all and from every walk in life. Brothers & Sisters all to me in Christ Jesus.

    Allow yourself to wonder, and continue to seek, if you haven't already.
    Maybe, one day I can you family as well. :)

    So, once again be welcome to Talk Jesus!!!
    With the Love of Christ Jesus.
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  5. I don't get it?>Is this a Joke!
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  6. If you are putting hope in what this world has to offer you are likely to be disappointed. There are momentary pleasures, but ultimately as Solomon wrote it: "all is vanity".

    If you really mean what you have now written, I am really wondering what you are doing here. Believe me when I say that my own life now is wrapped in Jesus and God... and I would never consider traveling any other way through this life. There is Hope and it is not false for even here in these short few years there is real joy to be found. I have found it.

    Lies? Who is lying? Some men have lied as men have always lied, even about the things of God, but that really does not mean that there is nothing worthwhile in this that we have. It means that someone has touched no more than the fringes and stopped before they really began to see the truth.

    There are a lot of mindless people around in the sense that you probably mean, but most of them are found among the people who do not really know God at all. Some of them even bear the label of Christian and would affirm that they were Christian if you were to ask them, but if you push a little harder there is nothing underneath. It is a facade. What I have is not a facade. What God has done for me is real. I could give you testimonies, but you would not receive them for what I know that they are.

    So far you have given me no good reason for you even being here. If you are thinking you will convince me or others that we are wrong, you should leave and not come back. If you want to go the way of faith then it requires moving forward without what men of the world would call tangible proof. Oh we do have proof, but it is written in our hearts and unless you unbend and step out in a measure of sincere faith yourself, you will never see or understand it.
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  7. I truly hope for your own sake that you have nothing else to add on this thread.

  8. Not sure why you would join talk Jesus but then you are human and Jesus loved humanity, so maybe just get to know Jesus first, but I warn you, He is the son of God, so people like you probably think he was a bit nuts to go round healing people and talking about Heaven. Doesnt matter, Jesus knew what atheists thought of Him. People that were athiests even mocked him and killed Him,but I dont suppose that matters to you. He forgave his enemies and blessed them anyway..and rose from the dead. Unfortunately you dont have that hope, as you just going to die anyway but its ok, Jesus taught that its not good to give anything holy to a dog (meaning an unbeliever) or a pearl to a pig, since you wont appreciate it, so..

    Hows the weather in your part of the world? Does it ever change. Do you ever thank God its friday or are you like one of those athiests who thanks spaghetti monsters? Feel kinda sorry for you that you believe all that stuff about spaghetti monsters that you just made up and would rather believe in your own lies than face up to the truth. Bless you anyway.
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  9. Welcome here you can discuss with bible smart people and possibly make new friends,hope you like it here!
    Also not surprised that you would declare Christianity as lies and false hope,I've been on a non believer site and it's been a learning experience to find that many just accept different things,like non believers tend to believe on science because they like trying to prove things and what they can't prove they pretend is just true even though they can't prove things like the big bang on even a small scale,but yet believing in God somehow that just seems crazy to some because everyone's mind starts out wanting to learn but then as we learn we come across tough to comprehend things and get the idea that we must have an answer,so we go and lean toward either religion,science or own observations and guesses just because we don't wanna face facts that we might not be able to "learn or find answers",you are welcome to your belief as I know that you need some way to secure your mind from facing conflict,but since you are here just keep Christianity in mind because you are always welcome,You may not believe in God but no matter,he loves you so if you ever feel like giving up the ever popular there is no God,and ego routine,just know that you are always welcome to accept Jesus and through him accept salvation and a comforting peace through the holy spirit.
  10. There is no need for the underlined. The rest is 'fine'. It makes one question your motives. So, assuming they are legit. My stab at your op:
    Yes. It is a sin. The neutral position is for all to believe in a God. One would expect to hear of i. those who love God and then ii. those who hate Him. Atheism sounds more like a cop out. I hate Him but don't want Him to know that so I daily tell myself there is no God. There is no evidence. Arrogance, applied ignorance, ostrich syndrome.

    I have met only a handful of honest atheists that say outright ''they hate my God'' and list the reasons. That's fine. It shows honesty. A hatred that lead them to put God on ignore. We can move on from the mickey mouse discussion of God's existence to the actual issue of deception from the devil.

    Common questions from atheists:

    1. Why does God of the universe not jump through hoops you have created for Him? The answer is in Matt 12:39 and John 3:19. If you are perhaps a teenager asking this question innocently / truly oblivious / as though you have never actually applied your mind to it...I would say i. grasp that your working brain can discern right and wrong, It should be pretty obvious that earth is a testing ground / judgment day from a Creator an inevitability. Then ii. think about Isaac Newton's statement ''in the absence of any other evidence, the thumb alone would convince me of God's existence''.
    2. Why is God evil? He is not evil. Most fail at reading and proper discernment.
    3. Why must you try to find Him? Why Christianity? Well we all need to deal with sin in our lives. We all know a judgment day is coming. We can either harden our heart or get on our knees, judge ourselves 1 Cor 11:31 and repent Psalm 51:17. He draws near to those after His heart James 4:8 and reveals Himself as Jesus by the Holy Spirit 1 Cor 12:3, Matt 16:16-17.
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  11. Hi, rebot333.

    You should know you are not the only atheist hanging out here. For instance, I doubt it is possible to be less of a believer than I, myself.

    I appreciate what amadeus2 (and the rest) has to say and the way he (they) says it. I view myself as a guest here and try to acquit myself accordingly. Speaking as a more-or-less disinterested bystander, I confess I find your “pushed into a line of mindless believers” remark simply rude.

    I’ll presume neither to tell you what your intent in joining this forum was, nor what it should have been. If you care at all to know, my reception here has always been at least cordial, even when I raise potentially incendiary topics. (Those topics ARE the reason I value dialog here.)

    Much though I disagree with the religious worldviews cultivated here, I have never had any interaction with any other member who thought their convictions were some sort of spiritual ponzi scheme which could only be validated by recruiting nonbelievers into the fold. And, to the extent Talk Jesus Forum members have proselytized to me and exhorted me to accept Christ, it has always taken the form of a charitable concern for my eternal well-being.

    I’m not saying all this to take you out to the woodpile or anything. If you’re here to blaze and offend, then have at it and don’t pull your punches. Be advised: you’ll probably only get in one or two good shots before admin blocks you. If you’re sincerely here to find out what believers believe and why, I think your recipe should rely more heavily on the sugar and less-so on the vinegar.
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  12. I'm sorry, everyone. I've just been kind of a jerk, maybe I'll go to church, and see if it suits me.
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  13. Be careful! You probably already know that churches are made up of people and people are not always as good as they could be. Even people who might know better sometimes will act wrongly. I will be praying that God help you if you are really sincere in your statement. Otherwise...
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  14. One thing I would like to add to what Brother Amadeus's about the message and not the messenger. We at times become enamoured with or disenchanted with who is the vehicle by which we receive God's word that we pay greater attention to them then to what is attempting to communicate to you.

    I will be praying for you.

    With the love of Christ Jesus.
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  15. If you are a devout Atheist, why are you concerned about sin?
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  16. If you ever allow Jesus in, that would be proof enough!
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  17. @rebot333 , going to church is a very good thing but too often it, in itself, may not be the answer....I personally went to a church for 20 years before I was saved and I was even Baptized by immersion in my child hood. It is a personal thing..."He knocks, you open and he comes in".
    One of the things I noticed after being saved was that God had been "knocking" for a long time. My commit about you questioning sin, may very well be God bringing you to TJ and working in you! Maybe he is knocking!
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