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Hi guys and gals!

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I was born in 1955. I accepted Jesus into my heart around 6 years old. I was born again at 33 years old. I new at rebirth that there is no true denomination because I was raised in three different denominations and they all taught different doctrine. So my journey quickly turned to a search for truth.
I spent many hours fasting and praying over the early years of my new life searching. What I learned is fascinating but very different than anything I had heard taught in churches. You see I really believed God would lead me into all truth and that there is no confusion in God. So I could not accept anything that was not clear with the word and made sense. I learned that the Holy Ghost is truly Jesus' ghost. I learned that there is not one rapture for the church, but two. And I learned that the earth is a hollow globe with creatures living inside ho have a king and that they will be forced out here for the final 5 months of this age when their star is destroyed by an asteroid collision out here.
These things can all be found in scripture and proved.
This is what I am all about. Understanding what God is doing and why by taking away the confusion with light.