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Hi from Philippines

Discussion in 'Introduction' started by christianjeenn, Apr 24, 2011.

  1. I am jean from Philippines. Want to befriend some christians here.... Hope that I am welcome.

  2. LOL... no one responded.. I just hope that people are friendly here.
  3. Hi Jean!! Sure we are friendly,Easter is a time to celebrate!! Jesus ROSE!! Welcome to you,and enjoy th site!!

  4. Thanks Brighthouse... Happy Easter too!
  5. welcome to Talk Jesus Jean hope you like it here and hope to talk to you real soon

    loads of love kirsty xxx

  6. Thanks for welcoming me Kirsty.... Nice name. I like this site... Seem that people are so cool here! Hope to find a good christian guy here... haha, kidding!
  7. haha ...dont we all jk
    thanks...i like ur real name too ;)
    hope tou see you in chat sometime

    loads of love kirsty xxx

    ps: if you want to send me a friend request i would be more than happy to accept

  8. You're in my friend's list I guess.... TY. Chatroom is not loading. I guess I need to upgrade my Adobe flash player.
  9. maybe...hope u can come on soon though :)

    loads of love kirsty xxx

  10. Still having probs with adobe flash player... Have to fix this first okay? Thanks for being good to me. :)
  11. hey ever heard the phrase ' do unto others as u want done unto you'


  12. A golden rule that I always Apply.... Same here, I do believe in that.
  13. and i try to do doesnt always work out..but i do try my best lol

  14. Thanks a lot... You seem the only one responding here.. :)

    I forgot, and also Brighthouse.
  15. lol... yeah most people r shy to put replys jk
    but im sure people will reply soon :D
  16. Welcome to TalkJesus christianjeenn! It is pretty cool that you live in the Phillipines, my family will be moving there in about 9 months. God bless :)
  17. Welcome to TJ my sister, you will find wonderful people and fellowship here, enjoy the forums!

  18. ya see jean...didnt i tell ya people would reply lol :D
  19. @ jacob, really? Moving in what place in the Philippines exactly? I am here in Manila. Maybe someone in the family, a relative of yours lives here?

  20. K K... I believed you now.. :) God is so good. Met some nice people here... :)

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