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hi from newbie

Hello Everyone,
I just wanted to say hello & do a brief intro. I joined a couple of weeks ago, but am just now getting to post. I live in the deep south - today has been lovely, by the way!!

I am a mom of a grown son & a teen, but will remain young as long as God allows me to breathe. I love to praise & worship God......I have my good days & my bad...my ups & downs....and see from this site that we can each offer something to the other.

I've been in loving churches & not so loving ones (where they actually waited anxiously to see us go), but I know God has a purpose in everything & can & will use all to His Glory if we are just willing & obedient.

I am so looking forward to fellowship with everyone & I love messages!!! :rose:
Wecome, so glad to meet you! I know just how you feel about this site, I too am new here and I am so excited to see so much activity and some really great questions and Wisdom answers. I even see challanges for myself here and I love a challange that is healthy, lol!! I look forward to getting to know you better as well. I keep this site in my prayers everynight ( have never really done that before for a site) but I do feel this is gonna be a really great community with a really great big family. So again Welcome and let's enjoy the triumphs and tradgeties together and strengthen each other .
GOD Bless, Love, Peace, and Prayers,

Welcome to the site... We are glad to have you. Just jump in with both feet... That is what I did. LoL
Staff Member
Hi sapphire welcome to Talk Jesus :) Hope you enjoy the site and share it with all you know
welcome sapphire. Were glad that you joined TJ. I'm looking forward to talking with you and getting to know you. TJ is a wonderful place to fellowship and meet other christians.
God Bless
Wow....what a lovely welcome...thanks everyone. As I was reading your posts & had already noticed how quickly the forum is growing...I thought of something. Has anyone read the Left Behind series where they ended up with so many online readers of the messages Ben Judah was sending out?? It just sparked a thought...even tho the church is not always looked at as favorably as it once was & it seems that sometimes as "Christians"...the tendency is to cannibalize each other....there is & will be a means to reach the true followers of Christ. Just thought I would share that.