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Hi from juniorsoldier

Hi my name is joel , and I love the arcade . I think all the games are great . I will be 9 years old in july . I hope i make new friends. I go to a christian school , and i am in second grade . See you in the arcade .
Staff Member
Hi Joel God bless you :) Thank you for joining the site!

If you need help with anything let me know.
Hi Joel, how wonderful to have you here with us. . . I am a mommy, 32 years old, live in Germany and love the arcade too. . . especially with my two boys. . . age 10 and 8
I am so happy to see that you will spend some good clean time in your young age typiing and talking to us :love:
I pray that you will grow up with this wonderful page and make lots of friends. . . and especially meet Jesus everytime you are here . ..
If you are pretty firm in typing. . . write us some more, love peeps
:rainbow: I too have 8 year old son, :love: and he loves :love: the arcade, hope you are having plenty of fun. :thumbs_up and he also loves his doggies :dog: :dog: :dog:

with lots of love :love:

AlabasterBox :girl:

Hey Joel,
Nice to have you here I love the arcade also but i'm a lot older then 9 so try not to beat me in to many of the games...sometimes us old folks like being the champions to. Hope to see you in chat sometime. Have a great day.
Hi Joel, Glad you joined us. The arcade is a lot of fun. There are other kids on this site too, maybe you can challenge some to a game.
Hi, Joel! I'm very glad that you joined us and be sure that you have already a new friend- me!

Have a nice day!
Thank you for saying hi, to me i hope i make friends with you, i will see you in the arcade :star: