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Hi finally...

Hi all!

I am new kinda to TJ....well have been fumbling around the site without formally introducing myself.

I am Australian, I am cold, have been a Christian for 7 years, come from an unsaved family and in my unsaved format really enjoyed to persecute Christians.

Am hoping to fulfill God's calling upon me to enter ministry as a missionary. He just wants to do a work which I'm struggling to allow.

So err HI!......or is that g'day?

(p.s.- anyone have indepth knowledge of apologetics to the JW's? I really want to challenge these guys while maintaining their dignity....for too long now I've simply annoyed them, but obviously this is a waste of my and their time.)
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hi there...
hope to meet u soon in live chat.....
god bless
Staff Member
Hello brother welcome to Talk Jesus. God bless you!

welcome 2 TJ man, ill know dat u'll have an awesum time on dis site, gettin 2 know us all...

btw, im an Aussie 2!!! yay!!! lol...

g'day 2 u 2, altho i dont know many aussies who actually say dat...

so yea, welcome 2 TJ..an ill talk 2 ya soon..

God Bless

love ya!
hi there Welcome to TalkJesus God bless you for steppin forward :love: Lets grow together . . .Thanks for joining your beautiful family :love:
G'day and Howdy!

One thing about the JW's >>> they are sincere.

(sin cerely wrong)

Dave : ^)

Dave777 said:
G'day and Howdy!

One thing about the JW's >>> they are sincere.

(sin cerely wrong)

Dave : ^)

LOL nicely done. but still being christians is it actually ok to say these kinda things to other ppl??? this about your answers cos i dont think it is i mena it may brign laughter to some one that is feeling down and not good but it is wrong to say it i feel... LOL ...

Love Simon!!!
Thanks brothers and sisters in JESUS!

Dave, this maybe a little intolerant to some but, BAAHAR HAR HAAA HA.

You know there is actually scriptural reference to agitation in the OT. Good ol' Elijah in 1 Kings 18:27.........not sure if this is a green light tho, hmmm ah wot the hey.....

Aimz...thanks for the home style welcome an' ya rite to say there ain't too many aussies speaking like that no more, except out west where I come from. Hope to talk sometime on da chat.

Kara, Thanks sis....yup talk sometime soon..

Brother Chad, doing a great job, bloke, thanks for your hospitality and greetings.

Peeps thank you for your warmth...

Now to sort out sheep from goats....

Why have the Mormons, Jehovah's Witness's, Christedelphian's and all other religions huddled and tried to align themselves with us? (Matthew 24:10-11 and Matt 24:23-24 ??) hmmm....running outta time perhaps.....