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Hi Everyone!

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I think very fondly about the last two winters; I got rid of most of my belongings in the fall of 2016, moved into a 32' 5th wheel, and moved from NY to AZ with my then boyfriend and our cat. Our health was the first reason- running toward a warm, dry winter climate for all of our joint, bone nerve and other issues (chuckle...). And what a blessing a year in the desert has been; the Lord works in amazing ways. He gave me some good people to help me and the best place. And as I started to go towards Him, He ran to me. I rented a van, packed up and drove home this past April, and not only was the trip itself peaceful and beautiful beyond my expectations, but I spent 6 days surrounded by God's love, mercy and forgiveness. I felt utterly convicted of my way of living, my paganism, my stubborn insistence on my own way, my willfulness. I cried for 2 days, repentant and amazed that He was right there with me.
And finally, the prodigal child came home. I'm living with my parents once again, helping them with the house, the outside, doing the cooking. Honoring my mother and father. I have a repaired and renewed relationship with my 22 year old daughter, a renewed relationship with Christ, and have found a ⛪ to be a part of. God took my life and made it a new thing, and took the bad and worked it for good.
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Welcome to Talk Jesus @MollyG

Thank you for sharing that wonderful testimony of the Lord's beautiful blessings in your life.

Enjoy the forum and online Christian fellowship[/USER]
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