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hi everyone

Discussion in 'Introduction' started by Eddy Fire, Jan 28, 2013.

  1. hi everyone.

    it's about building up not pulling down
    encouraging each other not devouring each other loving as we have been loved and simply keeping it true to truth.
    if I don't do that here then let me know!

    thanks for the welcome
  2. Welcome EF ..Nice to read you're post. I'm sure you'll find a home here ..Many bible knowlagable folks here as well as some plain old God truths .! Dive right in the water is everlasting ......! Rev
  3. Welcome to the forums Eddy, glad you've joined us :)
  4. Hello Eddy! Welcome to the forum
  5. thanks.
    I'll look around and dive on in.
    knowing the bible is one thing
    knowing the author and finisher of your faith is something else
    it's vital to edifying
    Jesus gave Himself.
    no compromise
    no adding to or taking from
    no excusing the flesh
    no sin
    And to know the love of Christ, which passeth knowledge, that ye might be filled with all the fulness of God. Ephesians 3:19
    look also at 2Peter 1:1-13
    in a nutshell, knowing Him, in truth, is knowing Truth.
    thanks again for the welcome
    let us be known for worshipping in spirit and truth

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  6. Welcome to the forum Eddy,
    I follow what your saying,that it is time to gather.
    Jesus came to sow(himself) or scatter seed and he told us to pray that the Lord of harvest send laborers into the field.
    He is the sower and we are to be the gatherers.
    Thanks for coming into our field.
  7. thank you for your welcome thiscrosshurts
    invest n the harvest
    our life is already dead
    except ye born again
    thank you
  8. Hi again
    I was wondering
    does everyone have a problem with my posts
    or is it only some
    or one following one?

    as you see
    my avatar is a loaf of bread
    such loaves are usually eaten in bite sized pieces
    when I write my posts it is with that in mind.
    I also write in thought segments.

    I realize I have been asked to attend to my posts and I shall attempt to do so in future but does that mean I must only write "normally" as one member put it?
    I try to express the things I write and also make each point a chewable bite, so to speak. I f I wrote everything 'normally' it may end up a much longer post so I have actually 'formatted' (as another said) with the prayer that every line is read and digested as most lines say something as part of the whole and also in themselves.

    Perhaps my posts should be moved to the Poetry section, where they will not be so scrutinized for format while the content is overlooked?
    Is it possible to reply with a quote from one section and post it in another, like the Poetry one?

    a Scripture comes to mind:
    For precept must be upon precept, precept upon precept; line upon line, line upon line; here a little, and there a little:
    Isaiah 28:10 from Isaiah 28

    thankyou again for the welcome
  9. Let your light shine before men
    Matthew 5;16

    Eddy Fire

    Yes I have noticed a couple of detrimental comments about your posts

    However, I find your posts rather refreshing and thought provoking.
    The way that you write may be different to others but there is nothing wrong with that.
    And if you write carefully and prayerfully only wanting to glorify the Lord then His message should shine through.

    Don't change your style brother to conform to others all to glorify the Lord

    Let the whole earth be filled with His glory
    Psalm 72:19
  10. The comments were never meant to be hurtful, and really don't classify as detrimental to be honest. I have even made a suggestion to please make the lines longer because it can hurt my eyes to try to read vertically. Yes Eddy I agree that your posts are thought provoking, but no one suggests that your posts are horrible. A few people, including myself, only suggested to please make the lines longer so we can more easily read your posts. Many percieve a break in a line as a pause, so it can be challenging to read.

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