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Hi everyone, I'm new here :)

Hi everyone,

I'm Davo, also known as Dave, David or whatever other nickname people decide to give me lol!
I used to be a member of TalkJesus about 8-10years ago and thought I'd come back to connect with fellow Christians around the world.
I'm eager to help people out, encourage them in their faith, shine the light of Jesus, and pray with anyone regarding their needs. I don't know if this site still has a chat room or not, but I'm thinking of coming on here each weekday at 5am (Eastern Australian Time) for about 30min or so.

God bless you all!


PS if anyone has any tips about this site and how best to use it, I'm all ears :)
Staff Member
Welcome back @davo

We have an Eternity brother so what is 8-10 years? :)

I think it was one or two mods that it went away for a time. I believe that Chad is working on trying to bring back the Chat room.

Where to help the best? Wherever the spirit moves you. Looking at the "New Posts" might give you an idea of what subjects are flaming the spirit and which one might move you to bring/add spirit filled words to help in solace, guidance, or instruction. The need has not changed over the years.

Once again be welcome Brother Dave.
Always with the Love of Christ!