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Hi All

First and foremost...Thank You, Lord for this site and for my new brothers and sisters. My husband (dgf4Jesus) is the one who told me about TalkJesus and I'm so glad he did. What a great support system for new or mature believers.
I believe that my testimony mirrors so many others in that I was not raised in a Christian home and therefore did not attend Sunday school, worship service or church camp (except Christmas Eve and Easter). Religion in general was a taboo subject at my house. That is, until my grandparents came to visit or we visited them. During those times, we went to church and how I loved it. The Holy Spirit always had a way of working on me when I was in a Sunday service.
As an adult, I was a closet Christian. Again, because of the way I was raised, it was something that you just didn't talk about. I knew better then and I definitely know better now. I "dabbled" from time to time, normally when my life was the pits and I needed some hope. But then, time after time, as soon as things were looking better, Jesus became less of a priority to me. Sad, huh?
Last month, I felt the need to check out Rick Warren's book, "The Purpose Driven Life" and the Holy Spirit started continually nagging at me. :embarasse
When I got to the sinners' prayer, I knew it was time for me to make a REAL commitment. So I prayed the prayer and it felt as I was doing it for the first time. A few days later, my husband (newly saved) picked up the book and started reading. The next thing I knew, we were having discussions like we'd never had before, doing daily devotionals together and praying outloud (Something I'd NEVER have done in the past).
Psalm 130:3-4 says "If you, O Lord, kept a record of sins, O Lord, who could stand? But with you there is forgiveness;" God has forgiven me for my failed "dabbles" and I'm so glad to be a committed part of His family and do, now, consider myself YourSister.
Thank you for letting me tell my story.
Hi YourSister, Glad you decided to join us at Talk Jesus. Welcome to the family of God.

Welcome to Talk Jesus!

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PRAISE GOD, Sister!!! I am delighted and stirred up by reading your and your husband's "New Members" posts! YES!!! God is so awesome in the way that He works on us to grow us in Him! Also, welcome to Arkansas! We are neighbors as I live right down the road from you guys in Conway!

God bless you both as you continue to grow in Him and (re)discover the TRUTHS and PROMISES found in His Word!
Hi sister and welcome to Talk Jesus.

We are glad you are here and hope you continue to grow in the Lord.

Your sister in Christ,

Welcome, Your Sister. Its nice to meet you. I'm looking forward to exchanging thoughts and ideas with you.

Thank You

Thank you all for the warm greetings. I have really enjoyed, over the last week, perusing the site and getting a feel for the family here. I feel that God's love has a home here, and I look forward to being part of it.
kindsfater - Hey neighbor!! I am from AR, but kidnapped my husband here from Northern California last year, after the death of my mother. I feel that God truly has blessed us over the last year by bringing me back "home".
Our God is an awesome God!! God Bless You All!!
Hey YourSister! It's good to have you back "home"! Praise the Lord for the work He's doing in you guys! YES! I actually convinced my husband to move back here after his time in the Navy was up in S. Cali. He's originally from South Dakota so this has been a BIG change for him, but God's blessing us all here as well! Yes, our God is an awesome God...AMEN!
Staff Member
Hello sister welcome to Talk Jesus. Glad to hear the many great things the Holy Spirit is doing in your life. Praise GOD for that :)

Enjoy the fellowship in Christ here on Talk Jesus
Hello YourSister, Nice to have you here.. God Bless you and may you enjoy your time here.. Suzeva
Sister,Grretings in the name of Our good Lord!!im a newly member as well of
talk to jesus nobody told this net site but i do believe God has purpose why im here in this forum me as well is blessed by purpose driven life book
by ptr.rick warren actually we run it in our bible study the 40 day of
purpose and many are change theire life including me the life that never
the same again.regards and God bless