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I'm new, well a few days ago, and thought maybe I should introduce myself.

I'm nineteen and just graduated this spring from a school in VERY rural Montana. Was homeschooled until highschool and have a twin sister. Have been working on a ranch until recently when I started trying to start my own horse training business...quite a challenge.

Have been really bad abused in churches and by people who said they were children of Christ and were doing it because God told them to. that has hurt BAD!!!

The family I was w2orking for and staying with were cool and helped me start to trust humans and God a little again.

Well, that's a little about me...if you want more I guess pm me. Looking forward to getting to know all of you more.
Welcome to Talk Jesus.

I'm sure you will enjoy the site and the fellowship.
Your sister in Christ,

Gwen, I am so glad you are here. I'm new too. I hope to meet you online sometime. I am more than twice your age, lol, but I share your interest in horses. I do not have the knowledge and experience of horses that you do, though. My husband grew up with horses, and he and I have a dream of running a boarding stable someday. We talk about it and pray about it. My 13 year old daughter loves horses too. You have a gift---many more gifts that you didn't speak about, and you have much to offer.

Staff Member
Hello sister Gwen God bless you! Thank you for joining us. I hope you enjoy the forums and share it with your sister and family members as well.