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Hey My name is ladon.

Im currently. Lost in my young life so im come here to get closer to christ and be lead to the right journey and im only 16.
Welcome to the forum, @Ladon Huntington . There are some people with a measure of God's Truth here, but always ask God to help you sift carefully whatever you hear or see. People also at times disagree on the things of God. It requires God help to really know if someone is right or wrong. Sometimes both sides are wrong or both sides are wrong. Sometimes, there is a bit of right and a bit of wrong on each side.

What you always want to do is get on God's side and stay there. Where is that you may ask? That question is a good place to start.
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Welcome to the community @Ladon Huntington ! Glad you're here brother. I pray this community will lead you to Christ in knowing Him and growing in Him.
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Welcome to Talk Jesus Ladon!
Always awesome to welcome another Brother in Christ Jesus to this Christian Community.
I hope you find the fellowship with others in Christ Jesus here at TJ.

May the journey you are on always be guided by the Holy Spirit that you have been blessed to receive through Christ Jesus. These days it will not always to be easy since the world as you already know at your young age, pulls at you through the flesh.

Continue to grow in His Word.
Make prayer an integral part of your life.
Also, doing daily devotionals will help with setting out the day ahead.

And of cause coming here to TJ! :)
For you will have Brothers & Sisters in Christ Jesus who will share the Love of Christ Jesus and as they are moved to do so in the Spirit. Offer the knowledge they have gained through their own journey. :thumbsup:

Once again be welcome @Ladon Huntington!

Your ears will hear a word behind you, "This is the way, walk in it," whenever you turn to the right or to the left. Isaiah 30:21