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Hey, I'm new here.

My name is Leanna. I'm 15 and I live in Missouri. I like to read & chat & go to church. I also like to listen to music and stuff like that. Send me a message if you want. Bye, and God bless!
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Jesus is Lord!

Hi, Leanna!

Welcome to Talk Jesus!

Your Sister in Christ,
Dr. Bon Vie/"Sylvia"
((WELCOME! sweeti4jesus to TALK-JESUS.))

((WELCOME! sweeti4jesus to TALK-JESUS.))

We are a spiritual home, a safe haven,
grounded in Scripture and centered in life,
where we are nurtured and challenged in our journey of faith. We welcome all people to join us in worship and prayer, and in joyful service to the community that we are here.

We invite all people to become part of our Talk-JESUS family. We are a warm and accepting community which actively welcomes newcomers, provides hospitality to visitors, seeks to help all become involved in our fellowship, and responds with Christ’s love to their pastoral needs.

We are a congregation that reaches outward into the community around us and inward into our own congregation in the name of Christ to offer assistance and/or direction to those who are less fortunate than ourselves, especially children in need.

Come and join us now in Christ's Warmth, Acceptance, & Caring! AMEN

In :love: of JESUS the Christ, Our LORD.

sweeti4jesus said:
My name is Leanna. I'm 15 and I live in Missouri. I like to read & chat & go to church. I also like to listen to music and stuff like that. Send me a message if you want. Bye, and God bless!
Staff Member
Thank you Leanna for joining our family!

God bless you sister
Welcome to Talk Jesus... It is always nice to hear that young people love God and want to be a part of His family. You will enjoy this site...
Have fun....
Hi! Yet another new member!
My name is Odette (or OD) & I'm absolutely thrilled 2b here. This is really an amazing site. When I found this place I just couldn't resist... not 1 to say no to fellowship!


... Think on these things - Philipp. 4:8 :thumbs_up
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welcome ODonJC i am somewhat new here. It has been a blessed experience. All i have encountered here are very loving, helpful, and most of all Jesus filled. God Bless you.
Welcome ODonJC and Sweet4Christ glad to meet both of you and hope to see you around, hope this site is a blessing to you both.

Your sister in Christ,
AlabasterBox :girl:

heya OD an Leanna!!!

welcome 2 TJ!!

i just KNOW u all are gona have a great time being part of this fellowship of God's children!!!

feel free to take part in all activities... cant wait 2 meet u both in chat or around someplace... im dyin 2 get 2 know u both!!!

love ya both!!

God Bless!!
my name is proverbs and i am also fifteen years of age!, i joined here on sunday and find it a good resource.i love music too, especially people like.....Toby Mac, KJ52, the supertones, the cross movement......oh i could go on forever!
i hope to see you around and speak to you more!
Jesu bless you.
Hello and welcome

:thumbs_up :thumbs_up :thumbs_up :thumbs_up :thumbs_up :thumbs_up
Welcome to Talk Jesus Leanna!

You will find good fellowship here