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Hey Everybody!

i am the mocking age of 19. It laughs in my face and says: HAHAHAHAHA!!! YOU'RE STIIILLLLL A TEEEEEN!!!! HAHHAAHAHAHA!!!!!"

Do you know how miserable that makes me? That's okay, Jesus still has the whole world in his hands.
why should u feel bad???? being a teenager has its benefits at times... lol... i have a theory... 22 is officially old... 21 ur still young... the min u turn 22 ur ancient... jj... i no sum realyl old people... like in their 90s who act young... man i love them so much!!! God blessed us with old people... they add heaps to our lives....

oh and im 16 turnin 17 for the record... yays....
hehe... i love being 16... sometimes!!! but nearly 17... officially old!!! eek... jj... lol