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Hey calling N. Ireland Guys!!!

I've just turned 28 and am looking for a male friendship, who can assist me in my quest to follow God. My last relationship of 10 1/2 years has ended so I do not want to rush into anything too soon but would like a good friend who I can count on and who can count on me as I am very reliable. If it is what God wants, the friendship may turn into something more serious. Im am 5ft (a bit small, arent I?) with blondish hair, blue eyes and come from Belfast. I love animals and it cracks me up when I see in the papers what people are doing to these beautiful creatures - suppose its just how evil the world is now. anyway, I also like going to the cinema (comedys, thrillers or action stuff) and you cant beat a good night in with a good DVD and a cuppa or a good long walk in the summer. I also like to travel and was in Australia for a month earlier this year travelling and am considering doing it again in 2006. I work in an office in Belfast but its not exactly the best paid job in the world but, at least its a job!!! If I sound really boring to you - so be it but I like it. If you fancy a mate and see what happens in time, feel free to get in touch. I've followed the ways of the world for too long and its not what its cracked up to be so Im now sorting myself out and getting right with God but Im lonely with no Christian mates. Whatdaya think? go on - send me a wee message or something!!! Hope to see you soon - if not, at least I got your attention to read all about me!! LOL.

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