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Heroine Overdose

Please can many thoughts and prayers be with the Hesketh family.

Louise (25) and Paul (31) who lost their brother yesterday and their dear Mum and Dad who lost a son.

Please pray for Ian Hesketh (27) who died in hospital. A wonderful young man who himself saved a child from drowning 3 weeks ago in his job as a life guard.

Ian was a binge user (recreational). The police stated that his tolerance was low compared to regular users. It was because of this and his high metabolism as a fit athlete that this horrific drug claimed Ian's Life so abruptly.

Please pray that God will wrap His arms around them and a special prayer for Louise who wants to see Ian in the Mortuary today because she was only able to make it to Paul's house in the small hours this morning. Pray she remembers her brother without being traumatised by the shell she visits today.

Also for Catherine (Paul's new wife) who has the responsibility of looking after Paul's family in her home. Lord give her strength.

A dreadful shock where wounds could only be healed by the Lord.

Thank you
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oh boy :love: Lord we lay it all before you. . . to listen to your word and experience your comfort and guidance in this situation. . .please bless Sleepy with Your love today, that she may continue to do whats on her heart for the family right now :love: Please comfort the family in this hard time and bless them with Your presence :love: Jesus in Your name I pray Amen :love:
I express my sorrow for you Sleepy. Your prayers are so important right now, to see your friend safely to Heaven. God bless you for caring so much to write and my prayers are with you at this moment. amen
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I'm sorry to hear about the sad news. This is very tragic to a family in such a case.

Father GOD,
Please have grace on this family through Jesus Christ, your Son and fill them with the peace and comfort you promise in Christ Jesus. Show them the Way and bless their home with your love during these hard times they are going through. Send them your angels to witness to them and comfort them, in Jesus' name.


Prayers are with your friends family.
AMEN to that prayer Chad, that was the same prayer that was on my heart as well.

Father, according to Your Word which says that where any 2 on earth should agree on any one thing that it shall be established in heaven, I stand in agreement with my brother here for both the family and friends of the family. in Jesus name....
May God comfort them sister, you have experienced such loss lately. Now you are there for this unfortunate family. May the Lord remind them of the many good things he achieved in his short life.What a tragic waste of a young man. Lord hear our prayer that this family will be surrounded by love, compassion and support in the difficult days ahead.We raise them up before You that you will reach out to them in their grief.Lord hear our prayer.Amen.
:thumbs_up :love:

Lord we lift up the whole family who have lost a loved one, Lord pour out your love and peace upon them in Jesus name.