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Who si your hero in the bibe except Jesus? Who u want to be like spiritually? I want to be paul because of the contribution he made to Christianity.
My hero is Jude Thaddeus much maligned through his similarity by name to Judas.Jude was a cousin of Jesus and was martyred for his faith. God Bless.
My favorite Bibl person besides Jesus is David, because of his love for God and the fact that he was unashamed to worship. i have problems with that, which makes me admire David for that. I'm working on it.

God bless

Courtney ~Shalom~
My hero in the Bible would have to be Mary (Jesus's Mother). Because she had to see her child get crucified and couldn't do anything about it. Any one that can do that is wonderful. This is just my opinion....

my hero in the Bible would be the apostle Paul, as he went thru numerous trials for the Lord, but still he was able to spread the good word of God

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