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No one can understand her deep-rooted pain.
Inside her tears fall like rain.
As the world looks at her all they can see.
Is the women she was suppose to be.
They don’t see the battles she fought and proudly won.
Or all the kind and loving things she has done
Her life was a struggle from the start.
Her strength comes from her heart.
All I can hope and pray.
Is God greatest gift she receives someday.
She not just the strongest person I know
She is my hero.

Silently she suffers with her pain.
For if she cried her tears would fall like rain.
Her quiet life now a mess.
No words could ever express.
The sorrow that floods her soul.
Will she ever again be whole?
Her troubled life is carrying her away.
Lord please bring a calm to her storm I pray.
So all she can see is your grace and your love.
And that she is truly a blessing from above.