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Here's My Testimony!

:girl: My Testimony

** For I am a eye witness to the fact that calling out HIS
name 'JEHOVAH' has saved 'my life' more then once. I am NOT a
Jehovah's Witness, though I truly believe that HIS name is JEHOVAH,
because of these facts. For when I was in trouble: Such trouble that
my life was at or near it's end; that by calling out HIS name, was
one way of putting my trust in HIM, that HE rescued me.

**I was a teenager, a constant runaway & a sinner the first time I
had called out to HIM for help: But though I was a sinner, my heart
did not like the things I did, for I did things to fit in with the
crowed around me - whether it was right or wrong. And as a runaway I
even did other sinful illegal things to keep money in my pocket,
where as I was a runaway, I didn't know how to go out & get a job
since I didn't have an address to give out.

**I was a very lonely, young girl searching for love, but never could
find it, because I kept searching in the wrong places. Though I had a
love for The Almighty God, I was brought up to be very worldly &
patriotic, in-turn I became shy at expressing my love for The
Almighty God - afraid I wouldn't fit in - afraid of being different.

**So you see if I was a wicked sinner & my life was at it's end; and
if JEHOVAH is not really The Almighty God's name - then why was I
saved? If this had anything to do with Satan 'the devil' then all
Satan had to do is take my life right there & then - putting me on
the judgment seet; and once I am dead I would not have that chance
to turn away from my wicked ways to become righteous in the eyes of
The Almighty God & HIS Beloved Son, Jesus Christ.

**And now I come to realize that the love that I was searching for was
the love only The Almighty God or Jesus Christ could give & not man
because man is not perfect; but I also have learned that the best
love that man could give to one-another is brotherly love. May The
Almighty God be with you all, always along with Christ Jesus,too.
**Hope to be a friend, Jonah2005 {*genesis!}