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here is one for you

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five stones is correct, but as to the why? Hmm... that's a toughie. Off the top of my head: Because not even David was supposed to know that God was going to take care of Goliath with the first stone David slung?
Goliath had four brothers. (2 Samuel 21:18-22) It was customary for the brother of a slain warrior to take vengence on his brothers killer.

Perhaps David expected God to deliver all of the brothers along with Goliath. If so: five stones and a mountian of faith.
reason and experience both forbid national morality to prevail with the exclusion of

5 smooth stones may have been used to kill the linage of the philistine,

the scripture records that Goliath had 4 brothers, thus David may have been expecting to kill Goliath and each his brothers by the grace of God.

However, as i read it the bible doesn't answer this question directly and gives little hints as to why 5 stones, but i am a bit of a mystic when it comes to the scriptures, couple that with an avid Chuck Missler fan and you get rathering inspiring answers to such questions, but what may i ask prompted you to ask this one in the first place? It isn't exactly out of your stock NIV trivia collection.